The challenges we face today are unique, unlike anything in the past. We sift through the barrage of information on our numerous gadgets, and wonder if any of it is reliable. We deal with problems that do not come in black and white. We require creative solutions and an entrepreneurial spirit to survive in the ever-changing world. More communication and collaboration are needed among people of different disciplines, cultures, and backgrounds. This modern world demands that we be innovative; that we use every tool at our disposal to create something to add value to people’s lives.
Little Sun Upper Secondary School transforms students into a generation equipped with 21st-century skills to cope with those challenges.


  1. Establish students with faith in God Almighty
  2. Conduct character-based education which reflects the national culture
  3. Implement standardized national curriculum
  4. Implement IT and environment based learning
  5. Develop students abilities through extra-curricular activities
  6. Foster a good collaboration between school and community

What sets us apart

  • Emphasis on Process

  • Global Focus

  • Versatile Curriculum

  • Personal Growth for the Future

  • Career Preparation

Club Activities

  • Performing Arts (Music, Vocal, Dance)

  • Sports (Basketball, Futsal, Badminton, Table Tennis)

  • Chinese Culture (Wushu, Traditional Chinese Dance, Chinese Painting)

  • Innovation

  • Journalism

  • Academic Enrichment classes

  • Programming

  • Creative Innovation Startup Program

  • Perspective Drawing


Mr. Yefri Kuncoro

Upper Secondary Principal


After School programs


Years Established

Phone & Email

Playgroup & Kindergarten

0821 3901 3390 – littlesun_sby@yahoo.co.id


0813 8236 9177 – lsselementary@gmail.com

Lower Secondary

0896 2991 2516 – littlesun.jhs@gmail.com

Upper Secondary

0812 3132 2195 – uppersec@littlesunschool.sch.id