Little Sun School Location

Jalan Manyar Kartika 48
Menur Pumpungan, Kec. Sukolilo

Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60118



We started out as Little Sun Preschool in 2006, focusing on the education of babies and pre-school children. As our involvement in the community grew, with the encouragement of parents and support from the local government agencies, Little Sun’s management formed Yayasan Cahya Hati Ibu. YCHI is a foundation formed with the goal of advancing Little Sun to higher levels of education.

Little Sun Preschool was thus renamed as Little Sun Trilingual National School, or better known as simply Little Sun School.

Little Sun School’s vision is “An Enlightened Generation that Inspires the World”. A vision is a starting point and this objective could only be achieved through hard work and collaboration between all parties involved. It was this last thought that inspired the logo of Little Sun School.


The following are the forms and meanings of the Little Sun School Logo:

1. The red color symbolizes nationalism and passion.

2. Three circles of people holding hands symbolizing 3 generation – the elder generation, the current generation (parents and teachers), and the future generation (the students) – who support each other in achieving the same vision. The logo also signifies the three languages used in instruction at Little Sun School.


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