• Language :
  • Indonesian
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Core Philosophy

We've created a learning model that gives our students a learning experience that will develop their abilities in facing future challenges. Their experience in learning will stimulate students to nurture the following skills:

  • Critical thinking and (creative) problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Collaboration, teamwork, and leadership
  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Communications, information, and media literacy
  • Computing and ICT literacy


  • Extracurricular activities


  • Computer (technical)
  • Art


  • Modern dance
  • Traditional Chinese Dance
  • Wushu
  • Robotic
  • Gu Zheng
  • MathaLova (Mathematics)
  • Chinese calligraphy
  • Basketball
  • Chinese chess
  • Futsal
  • Scientific papers (research)
  • Journalism

Little Sun Junior High School

At Little Sun JHS, our philosophy is to “EXIST”. Our students are expected to have an objective in their lives, be a presence in their community and be able to deal with complex situations.
The word “EXIST” itself is derived from our motto: Explore, Discover, Invent. Our students are taught to explore their surroundings and examine ideas, in order for them to discover things on their own. Using their experience from the process, as well as the results, the students shall invent something completely new and innovative to address the issues around them.

EXploredIScoverinvenT = EXIST

We believe that the school subjects are just tools for the students to achieve these objectives. Key among these tools are Chinese and English languages, the most widely spoken in the world and also a large part of our curriculum. Another essential tool is our character education, based on ancient Chinese philosophy, which will instill crucial values in our students. We also incorporate IT in our learning process to prepare the students for the fast-paced world they are headed towards. Our local teachers are graduates of reputable national and international universities. We also have the support of native English and Chinese speakers.