• Language :
  • Indonesian
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Our Class
  • Baby Club - 16 months / should be able to walk (2 days program)
  • Play group A - min 2 years old on October (3 days program)
  • Play group B - min 3 years old on October (5 days program)
  • Kindergarten A - min 4 years old on October (5 days program)
  • Kindergarten B - min 5 years old on October (5 days program)


  • Our Program
  • International atmosphere (children of any nationality are warmly welcome)
  • Age-appropriate and multi-age program/enrichment program
  • Three languages learning program (Chinese, English, Indonesia)
  • Physical education indoor and outdoor
  • Character Development
  • Nature program
  • Computer class

Welcome to Little Sun School

Where children, teachers, and parents come to grow together with mutual understanding and respect. Our Preschool programs have been designed with the goal of preparing children to be qualified citizens of tomorrow. Learning must be a joy! We do a lot of playing, singing, creating, reading, writing, sharing, and basic communication through active learning which bring together a balanced learning environment to encourage the cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth of each child within a nurturing atmosphere.

We deliver full mandarin learning programs to babies and bilingual learning process in mandarin and English for playgroup. Enriching the trilingual learning process in Indonesia, mandarin, and English start from kindergarten.